Nordic Beverage Competition brings producers and commercial re-sellers together.


Our specialists judge spirits and wines in their main areas - quality, drinkability and what they look like. That happens in two separate steps:

  • Blind tasting to determine the quality and drinkability (with a short 

  • Judging of the packaging without tasting the products.


The total score will be a combination of

70% quality/drinkability and 30% packaging. 

We host specialists from all over Europe - Germany, Asutria, Spain, but especially from Northern European countries - Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania.


The competition will be assessed and judged by a leading panel of top level spirits and wine buyers with current direct commercial buying responsibility. Spirits and wine consultants and experts who are also directly involved in the development of new brands or buying spirits and wines for commercial re-sale.


For example: 

  • retail chain representers 

  • wholesalers

  • distributors

  • travel retail representers


​Also a mix of specialists, who work with alcoholic beverages on daily basis, like:

  • sommeliers

  • top level bartenders

  • journalists​

But how become producers and resellers together?

Every judge gets an overview of his personal top 10 of each judging step/category and can contact the producers of his favourite spirits or wines personally.

Results of Nordic Beverage Competition 2019

We are proud to present you the medal winners of 2019.






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